My Visit To Green Bay

I recently made my first trip ever to Green Bay Wisconsin to visit the crown jewel of professional football, the Green Bay Packers. With so much history, tradition and one of, if not the most passionate fan bases in all of sports, it is no wonder that my trip was truly a spiritual experience, in a sporting sense.

When I first drove into Green Bay, the first thing I saw as I entered the city limits was Lambeau Field, the legendary home of the Packers. It is the only four-story building in town, outside of some smokestacks off in the distance.

I drove to the offices of the Green Bay Packers on a Friday afternoon before a Sunday home game and everyone I met with or even shared a casual encounter had a genuine feel about them. From the clerks at the team store (which is amazing by the way) to the docents leading the tours of the stadium to the receptionists, they all shared a genuine approach, which was both refreshing and real.

How does this relate to a career search for a role in the sports industry?

Well, for starters it reminds me of the basics we should all incorporate into our lives whether as part of a career search or every day life; to be genuine, to be yourself. Most experienced hiring managers will see right through someone if they are putting up a front that is not real. It is more important to be true to yourself than to pretend to be someone you are not. This is better approach for both the short and long term of your career. When you present yourself as genuine it also gives everyone you connect with a very true sense of being an authentic person. There are very few out there who possess a “what you see is what you get” aura. It is almost the norm to try too hard and to impress too much so much that hiring managers will eventually see your true colors. Why not be genuine and authentic from the very get go? It might prove to be a stronger approach.

As I progressed through my day of meetings at the Packers front office it was easy to feel the passion all of the employees. From top to bottom of the organization, the passion is clear to see, hear and feel as you walk the buildings. It was not an act, rather a true sense of pride they all share in working, just like the team on the field, in reaching a collective set of goals.

How does this relate to a search for a role in the sports industry?

To show a passion for your specific role or industry will help you shine very positively in the minds of all the industry encounters you make during your search process. Too many people settle for roles where they are unable to show their true passion. Passion can often times be an overused phrase but when used properly and displayed by your actions and your background, it can be a huge momentum builder and we all know what positive momentum is hard to stop!

With each and every meeting I had with Packer front office personnel it was clear to see the level of dedication from each employee. From the very basic function of providing me with the best way to exit the stadium on game day to more industry specific dialog, the level of dedication they all exhibited had a profound impact on my impression of the organization. Perhaps this all stems from the Packers legendary coach Vince Lombardi, who is proudly on display throughout the facility. His no nonsense approach and his dedication to success is “stuff of legend” and parts of his approach, if not all, can easily be translated into every day life.

How does this relate to a search for a role in the sports industry?

Dedication to one’s career search to professional growth within your niche all takes dedication. Just like the athletes themselves, it takes a great deal of personal dedication to create a plan of action and then actually execute on your action plan. Just like one of Lombardi’s many quotes, “Individual commitment and dedication to a group effort-that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work and a civilization work.”

As I mentioned earlier, my visit to Lambeau Field was truly spiritual in a sporting sense. Having spirit, as defined by Merriam-Webster’s,

“a special attitude or frame of mind” can go a long way in one’s effort to capture the attention of hiring managers. Displaying a good spirit is not an easy thing to accomplish but showing the characteristics of a well balanced disposition and solid outlook as it pertains to your career goals is a good start.

How does this relate to a search for a role in the sports industry?

As is the case with a lot of strategies, it is always easier to think about it than it is to implement. It is a new year and now is the time to implement a well thought out plan and stop over analyzing all the reasons why you should NOT take action. Put together a plan of action with attainable goals and go about your networking with a passion, dedication, spirit and a genuine authenticity that will separate you from others.

I would be happy to set time aside to connect with those of you who feel my sports industry career coaching will help you create an action plan of your own and set you in motion towards your goals.



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