New York City is dubbed many things, some self imposed, others created by the countless tourists that pound its hardened streets.  It truly is the city that never sleeps and the energetic buzz that the city exudes is extremely contagious.  It is  nearly impossible to avoid getting caught up in the excitement that seemingly never fades.

One such moniker that is attached to New York City is that is the sports capital of the world.  Other cities around the globe may contest this title but I am not certain they would win the debate.  With so many professional franchises, colleges, league offices, sports executives as well as the countless sports entrepreneurs that call this city home, it might very well be the center of the known sports universe.

What a great reason to hold a week-long sports career camp for those that are looking to pursue their dreams of working in the sports industry.  VOTB was asked to take part, as a strategic partner, with Diamond Sports Careers to take part in the second annual Big Apple Sports Career Camp.  I was one of a handful of featured speakers at the conference whose attendees ranged from current college students to recent grads from across the country.

The attendees heard from executives at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, ESPN Radio, Bloomburg Sports, MLB.com, as well USA Rugby 7’s marketing manager and a host of other sports industry insiders.

I had the opportunity to keynote the second day session at Iona College in New Rochelle (30 minutes north of NYC) and spoke about my passion, the “4 P’s” to breaking into a role within the sports industry.  This particular topic is near and dear to me and it gives me such joy to share the knowledge I have gained over the past 19 years.  I love it when people come up to me after the presentation and ask questions about how they can work with me directly as part of my coaching practice and when they tell me how much they enjoyed the keynote and how much it inspired them to take action, it truly validates what I have chosen to be my life’s work.

Any opportunity to share my insights from both my corporate America work experience as well as my 19 years in the sports industry, it is a good day.  To have the opportunity to address the next generation of sports industry executives is even better.  And the icing on the cake, to deliver my content-laced presentations in the sports capital of the world!

Get in the game,



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